Wednesday, 15 February 2017

At long last

I have not visited my blog for so long, sorry about that, had a long spell of illness last year and then family problems so I am afraid that writing in hey blog was the last thing on my mind. However things are settling down now and thought it was about time that I got back to things and trying to bring things up to date.
Despite all I still managed to keep making minis and have new hats and dresses that I have managed to finish.           
Lots more new ones in my etsy shop 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

For my etsy shop

In between working on my dollhouse I have also been making lots of miniatures for my shop
Dresses, hats and some chair settings
And lots of other goodies

Curtains and Blinds


I am starting making the window dressings. Started with the curtains and blinds for the little girls Rebecca and Rose, bedroom window
I am making the curtains, blinds and the mattresses for the lovely beds from a secondhand sheet bought from a local charity shop. There is a small bit of the sheet that is a bit frayed but can use the rest of it, and there is loads left,for all sorts of things

Dollhouse update

Things are progressing with my dollhouse. The main part of the outside is decorated and the roof tiling is nearly finished although still have to paint all the tiles although this photo does not show the tiles in place, will have to update.
Have got some wonderful item for the interior and now I am going to have to start on the rooms

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Well on the way now and some newly made miniature bags.

Yesterday I really progressed with my doll house and put the window settings in the roof. I am still not sure about the plastic windows that came with the dollhouse so I have blu tacked them into place to live with them for a while to see how I feel after a few days

In the meantime I have not been idle and made some new bags 

I love making bags!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Building my house update

Well work is proceeding on my dollhouse. The first problem I had after I had put together the basic carcass was my youngest granddaughters little fingers and hands. My temporary solution to that was to make some keep out signs and tapes to put across the front and it worked. I told her that the fairies, she believes I am best friends with fairies, put up the tapes as warnings.

However since then I have decided to work on the front of the house as that will be a more secure barrier. I have made up the front doors although I have not attached them to the house yet as it will be easier to work on the inside if I can remove them. I have finished the lower floors and am working on the window frames for the attic. A little difficult as I have to curve to roofs of the attic windows and it is not the easiest thing to do but getting there.

The actual windows in the kit are plastic and I am not sure that I like them very much so I am trying to decide on whether to make the windows out of strip wood, probably will.

In the meantime I have bought hundreds of wooden lolly stick which I am going to cut the curved ends off and then use them as floorboards, I think it will work.Let you know.